IJMLTL : 2016 Volume 1 issue 6

An Investigation into the Strategies to Increase Effectiveness of English Language Teaching Approaches in Service Classes among the South National Oil Company Staffs
Hassan Hemati khah, Gholamhosein Barkat
Page No: 222-226

The Study of Comparative Effects of Reading Aloud Technique on the Male–Female EFL learners\' Reading Comprehension Performance
Nasim Askari, Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaei
Page No: 227-235

Contrastive Lexical Competence and Critical Thinking: A Critical Review
Maryam Larzade Moqadam, Meisam Ziafar
Page No: 236-240

The Relationship between Listening Anxiety, Listening Comprehension Strategies, and Listening Performance among Iranian EFL University Students
Mohammad Reza Dalman
Page No: 241-252

The Effect of Interest-Based Movie Clips on Motivation and Oral Proficiency of Intermediate Iranian EFL Learners
Mohammmad Javad Rasizadeh, Jila Naeini
Page No: 253-266

A Review on the role of Spiritual Intelligence in Job Burnout among Teachers
Ravie Mirshahi, Ghasem Barani
Page No: 267-274

A Review on Translation of Ezafe Morpheme from Persian into English
Mohsen Davarzani
Page No: 275-290