IJMLTL : 2017 Volume 2 issue 2

Effects of Teachers’ and Learners’ Beliefs on Negotiation for Meaning and Negative Feedback during Interactions in EFL Classrooms
Edgar Emmanuell Garcia Ponce, Irasema Mora Pablo, Troy Crawford Lewis, M. Martha Lengeling
Page No: 54-66

The Relationship between Foreign Language Learning Anxiety and Willingness to Communicate Among Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners
Azam Mamashli, Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaei
Page No: 67-73

The Collaborative Dimension of the Learner’s Language Development: the Metaphor of Enrichment for EFL Learners’ Oral Performance
Jila Naeini
Page No: 74-82

A Comparative Evaluation of Top Notch Series and High School English Textbooks based on Multiple Intelligences Theory
Fatemeh Talebpour
Page No: 83-89

An Investigation into the Perception of Faculty and Non-Faculty Instructor’s on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
Siavash Rokhsari
Page No: 90-95

A Review on the Link between Language Learning and Dynamic Assessment
Neda Ghanhari
Page No: 96-105