IJMLTL : 2016 Volume 1 issue 2

The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on the Quality of Translation
Zahra Bayani
Page No: 29-35

The Effect of Preemptive Focus on Form Instruction on ESP Learners\' Vocabulary Knowledge across Different Proficiency Level
Mahbobeh Joghtaii, Hamed Barjesteh
Page No: 36-43

The Impact of Collaborative Reflective Journals on Writing Fluency of Iranian EFL Learners
Afsaneh Alijani, Hamed Barjesteh
Page No: 44-53

Applying Critical Discourse Analysis in Translation of Political Speeches and Interviews
Zahra Bayani
Page No: 54-58

The Relationship between General English Achievement of Iranian EFL Learners and Their Self-Efficacy at Different Proficiency Levels
Rogheye Panji
Page No: 59-68

The Effect of Matching Versus Selection Tasks on Listening Comprehension of Female Intermediate Iranian EFL Learners
Amir Reza Nemat Tabrizi, Farzaneh Rezaei
Page No: 75-83